Japan International Marine Science and Technology Federation(JIMSTEF)

Japan International Marine Science and Technology Federation(JIMSTEF)

 The ocean is the last frontier left on the earth, and it is predicted that coming 21st 
century is the age for the development on vast natural resources and the sea space of the 
 Therefore, variety of concept, plans and projects on the exploration, exacavation and 
utilization are now being established and advocated by government concerned.
 It is indispensable for the encouragement of science and technololgy which support the 
development of ocean in accordance with such a time trend.
 It is essential to cooperate totally with variety of field and circles such as those of 
governmnent, local public organization, industry and universities, keeping abreast with 
international movement and trend, to activate interexchange knowledge technology and know
-how in variety of field concerned, which are conventionally, vertical intercommunications.
 The Japan International Marine Science and Technology Federation wishes to contribute 
to ocean development through proposal, recommendations, advice and the provision I 
scientific and technological informations and data to respond with the requirement of 
international movement and trends.

Process of Establishment
 Japan International Marine Science and Technology Federation was established on 
September 1, 1987 under the approval of the Prime Minister of Japan. In October 1988, it 
became the first organization in marine fields to come under the jurisdiction of five 
governmental agencies-Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, Ministry of 
International Trade and Industry, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Construction in 
addition to Science and Technology Agency.
 The Federation was originally established in July 1971, by the Federation of Economic 
Organization and the Science Council of Japan as Japan National Committee for ECOR 
(Engineering Committee on Oceanic Resources).

Purpose and Activities
 Japan International Marine Science and Technology Federation was established with the 
objective to promote ocean development through the exchange of scientific and technical 
information other countries, by providing and industry, academic and governmental 
institutions with information and data by conducting inter-disciplinary research in Japan and 

 To meet these objectives, the federation carries out the following activities;
1. Information exchange with other countries (including communications with ECOR
  International and other related agencies abroad).
2. Opening international domestic conferences, lectures, symposiums seminars and other
3. Dispatching and supporting study teams overseas and training people for international
4. Carrying out research on medium and long term projects and consigning research to other
5. Translating and publishing collected data and research results, and quaterly bulletin.
6. Exchanging and cooperating with ocean development organizations in other countries, and 
  also Japanese companies, universities, research institutions and other organizations in  
  the ocean development field. Conducting public relations work on behalf of other
7. Research and study of Ocean Development on Exploitation
   ----- Fishing Habitat, Fishing Port
   ----- Resources and Energy
   ----- Harbor, Sea Lane, Vessel
   ----- Coast, Park, Sewer, Road, Housing
8. Other activities necessary above concerned.

Further Information
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